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In 2009 @4227 internet cafe is founded under Broadmarket by Puso Kotsedi, Nunu Qhoboshiyane and Masike Makobe. Its aim is to bring affordable, fast and reliable internet access to the people of Mabopane. We also open our computer school at Block X shopping complex.

We immediately start living up to our youth empowerment ideals by hiring local youth to work in the internet cafe to gain valuable work experience. Our first hire is Tsholofelo Moumakoe who is a self-taught computer technician and graphic designer. Felo goes on to become the manager of @4227 Mabopane

2010 expansion begins, and we open up a second branch in Soshanguve. Again we implement our youth empowerment ideals and hire a local network technician to set up the network at the second branch. This technician is then invited to join the family and that is how Christopher Hlope become a part of @4227. Possessing the same skill set as Felo, Chris was able to keep up with the service offering of the flagship Mabopane branch

After a few years of growing and changes @4227 Internet Cafe moved to the place of it's namesake 4227 Block B, Mabopane in 2016. Adding two more members to the ever growing family namely Thasisela Zulu and Thabiso Masenya. Giving the community that raised us the same services we have been giving in Soshanguve and Mabopane Block X.

In response to requests from the community at @4227 re-opens the learning and training wing in 2017 under the slogan "beyond basic computing"

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Course categories

No two people are alike, we have developed different skill sets. We possess different compitencies. This means we don't the same learning needs.

WPK Academy has developed courses to cater for people's different needs and competencies

End-User Computing

Our most comprehensive course on offer. The student will learn the use of a computer's graphical user interface (GUI), the use of browsers, internet usage and safety, search engines, Microsoft Operating system environment, Microsoft Office programs (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel)

Course duration 6 weeks

Office Suite

This course is centred on the use of office suites, it is assumed that the student has some knowledge of computers and looking to either update their knowledge or gain a better understanding on functionalities

Course duration 4 weeks

Internet Usage and Safety

The outcome of this module is that the student understands the use of the internet, how to properly research, how to stay safe online and prevent the theft of information.

Course duration 1 Week

Operating Systems

The student will gain knowledge on how the different operation systems work. Windows. open source and mobile operating systems will be explored to illustrate the differences and similarities between the different platforms. The take away from this is to give the student an ability to adapt to the different computer environments that they may come across in their daily life.

Course duration 1 Week

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a work processing program whose general use id to write reports, letters, internal communications, research and assignments. It boasts features such as spelling and grammar checking.

At the end of the week the student would have been introduced to the main features of the program and how to make proper use of them.

Course duration 1 week

Microsoft Excel

Originally known as a spreadsheet program that's only used by people in the financial sector, Excel over the years has evolved into a powerful program that currently has a variety of uses. It is now also used to formulate budgets, calculate and present data in both numbers and graphs, small businesses use it to track company expenditure, income, track assets and also produce invoices.

Course duration 1 week

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a multimedia presentantion and communication tool which is mostly used to get an idea across to your audience. It has full multimedia integration; this means that you can add music, voice notes, pictures and videos to your presentation.

Course duration 1 week

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook now carries the monicker of "more than an email program". Its primary function is to receive and send out emails; overtime more features were added in order to accomodate a world that has gone digital. Now Outlook schedules appointments, meetings and reminders, it has also increased its contact book capabilities and now also integrates with your social media profiles

Course duration 1 week

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